Fly Virtually, Fly TAP.

Fly Virtually, Fly TAP.

About Us

Welcome to TAP Virtual Airline, your gateway to a professional and immersive virtual aviation experience. We take pride in offering realistic flight simulations and comprehensive routes for aviation enthusiasts.

Our fleet is nothing short of impressive. For short flights, we have the nimble ERJ-190, while the A319, A320, and A321 offer comfort and performance for medium-haul journeys. The majestic A330-900neo, with its long-range capabilities and modern amenities, stands as a symbol of our commitment to excellence.

For those seeking a touch of aviation history, we offer historic routes featuring the iconic 747-200. This legendary aircraft allows us to revisit aviation's golden era while providing a unique experience for our pilots.

With hubs strategically located on the enchanting Island of Madeira, vibrant Lisbon, bustling Porto, and dynamic Paris Orly, our routes cover a diverse array of destinations. We proudly serve as the bridge connecting Europe to South and Central America, as well as many countries and islands across the African continent.

Join us for a journey where every flight is a destination in itself. TAP Virtual Airline - where aviation history meets modern excellence in the virtual skies.

A Message From Our CEO

As CEO of TAP Virtual, I envision a dynamic future for Infinite Flight enthusiasts. Our mission is to create a thriving aviation community that offers exceptional virtual flying experiences, uniting pilots in their passion for the skies. Together, we'll redefine the joy of flight in the digital realm.

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